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A: Yes, it would help us immensely as we won’t have to go around said furniture nor will we have to move it ourselves. This saves time and lowers the chance of damage being dealt with your belongings. Even though we have full insurance coverage we would like to avoid such cases.

A: Yes, all of our cleaners come fully covered, including coverage of all aspects of our interaction. This means that if we damage any of your belongings, we’ll reimburse you for the full value of said belongings.

A: No we do not. All of the detergents and cleaning agents we utilise on the field are safe for humans and animals and come with a high biodegradability rating. We aim to be as safe as possible not only for you but also the environment.

A: Yes, we do weekend jobs and can even respond and be booked during bank holidays – at no extra charge for the customer.

A: Our services do support same day booking and quick responding, so you can rely on us even in a short notice. Just call us on our hotline number 020 3746 8225 and we will do our best to aid you however we can.

A: We can remove any stain, and this isn’t an overstatement. Using our specialized cleaning agents and machinery as well as proper techniques, we can skillfully remove any stain from the fibers of your textiles with no trace or damage.

A: Yes we can, we will use extra sensitive detergents to treat the mattress and crib while keeping balanced ph levels and even reducing toxin levels in the entire room. There will be no traces of our work aside from the spotless results, all done safely for your precious one.