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curtain cleaning ilford IG1Do you curtains smell of stale air, are dusty and have lost their colours over time? Ilford Local Cleaners believes we can help you right now. No waiting or deposits required. We’ll come fully prepared and deal with whatever curtain cleaning related problem you might have. We would like for you to enjoy also:

  • Great smelling curtains
  • No dustier drapery
  • Experienced technicians
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Book us now at 020 3746 8225. Along with our arrival, you receive a cleaning quality guarantee from our supervisors. Meaning that every job we do for you will be 100% satisfactory. If you are not satisfied with our work you can apply for a money back slot or request a second free visit from the expert curtain cleaners. 

Service Brief

Curtains come in different shapes and are comprised of different textiles and we aim to cover their proper cleaning. We include Synthetic, natural, satin, silk, cotton, woolen, woven, natural and synthetic blends, etc.

Cleaning Methods Explained

Dry Curtain cleaning – depending on the type of curtain we are faced with, what stains are found on it and what age it is, we use our special dry cleaning technique. It requires that we take the curtain down for proper cleaning, however, we will put it back up once we are done. To properly clean a natural fibered curtain, we apply the detergent on the fibers then spread it around to achieve a better coverage and help with its embedding into the stains. The best results are achieved when we use a fine brush to properly spread it around, afterwards, a 10-12 minute wait is warranted. The detergent itself is a dry compound that has no toxic properties and leaves no trace once it has been removed from the curtain. After it’s done its job, we extract it with a vacuum machine and out the curtains back as they were, easy as that, no drying required.

Steam Curtain cleaning – follows a couple of simple steps in order to achieve the desired results. With this treatment, we don’t have to take down the curtain which helps with wrinkling and cleaning times. We apply our detergent + steam mixture straight on, dissolving any bacterial formations and stains on the fibers while also accumulating all of the dust and allergen particles. Everything is removed from the textile immediately including the moisture used in the cleaning, leaving your drapery in perfect condition every time.

Top Curtain Cleaning Services

We guarantee a job well done every time, covered by a comprehensive insurance and our dedication to great results every time. By booking our curtain cleaning service, you not only get access to all of our assets, but you also enjoy a free quote on each of your projects.

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