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Our company have been in the cleaning business for more than 16 years now. During that time, we have been providing Ilford IG1 residents with quality cleaning services, comfort and delightful atmosphere. Our code of ethics dictates that we always have to provide the customers with fair prices, flexible booking slots, continuous discounts, experienced & friendly technicians. One of the founders - Jessie Elliot aimed to create a fully professional cleaning company. Seeking comfort and friendly attitude. The fact that we have full insurance coverage and many positive customer reviews show that we are a trustworthy cleaning provider who cares for its customers.

Our Values

Being a leader in the local market requires several key factors. Combining integrity, quality and the latest cleaning solutions and techniques is a must for us at Local Cleaners Ilford. Creating perfectly clean and tidy atmosphere at your household or office property is integral. Furthermore, the expert technicians we utilize are fully trained to deal with almost any of the known issues. The re-clean rate of 4% is something we are proud of. Building a relationship and making You a happy is what we do. What we aim for.

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'The mission of the company is simple. Be credible. Deliver what you Promise and receive what you deserve! Making Your demands the most important part of the business is what we do. It is not just about the cleaning. It’s about the attitude and the professional relationship.'cleaning owner signature


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